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ACOG Updated Perinatal Mental Health Screening Protocols

mother kissing child

One out of seven are affected by Perinatal depression(1) which can affect mother to infant bonding (2).   In a study of pregnancy related deaths from 2017-2019, it was determined that 22.7% had underlying mental health causes (3).

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recently updated recommendations for screenings of mental health during pregnancy.  Namely, the ACOG details screenings for mental health to be conducted first at the initial prenatal visit, a second time later during pregnancy, and again at postpartum appointments (4).  Recommended screening tools, such as the PHQ-9 and the EPDS, are found on the Illinois DocAssist website.

For recommended medical interventions for perinatal mental health, please visit Doc Assist’s medical charts.

As always, we are a free phone call away. If you need to consult on a mental health treatment plan for your pediatric or perinatal patient, please call to talk to one of our psychiatric consultants at 866-986-2778 or you can request a free consultation via our online form.


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