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Screening Tools

Illinois DocAssist offers guidance on selecting and using primary care friendly screening tools. Some tools have a cost associated with their use but most are free and accessible on-line. These instruments assist in the early identification of problematic behaviors and social-emotional functioning that may indicate a mental health problem.  Illinois DocAssist encourages the use of general screening tools for all pediatric and perinatal patients to help identify mental health problems.  If you have questions about screening tools and their use, please call 1-866-986-2778.

Illinois DocAssist developed this list of recommended screening tools through consideration of cost and ease of use in the primary care setting.  This is not an exhaustive list of all recommended socio-emotional and mental health screening or assessment tools.  These tools are not diagnostic, but rather can assist in early identification of problematic behaviors and social emotional functioning that may indicate the need for further evaluation.  For further information or assistance with using screening and assessments with children, adolescents and perinatal women, please contact Illinois DocAssist at 866-9862778.